JUNE 9, 2022The Alfa Romeo ORLEN F1 Team is celebrating the Tonale’s arrival in European showrooms

  • On the occasion of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the C42 Formula-1 car will be painted in a spectacular three-colored livery to celebrate the Alfa Romeo Tonale’s “Open Door” event taking place during the same period throughout the company’s European sales network.

  • The livery includes a green engine cover and the “signature lighting” of its front headlights.

  • Audacious and innovative, the Tonale will be a star in both Formula 1 and Alfa Romeo’s exclusive showrooms, as it calls upon the entire “tribe” of this brand which has been a symbol of Italian sporty driving since 1910, inspiring the world from Italy.


      The Alfa Romeo Tonale will make its debut this weekend in the showrooms of the main European markets, kicking off an impressive “Open Door” event that will call upon the entire Alfa Romeo “tribe”, i.e., Alfa Romeo fans from its past, present, and future. Taking place during the same days, the Alfa Romeo ORLEN F1 Team will compete in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku with the C42 Formula-1 car “dressed” in a marvelous three-colored livery celebrating this historical moment.



      Designed by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, the livery will pay homage to the Tonale, the brand’s first electrified C-SUV. With this vehicle, the brand is taking a step towards a new era of connectivity and electrification, all while maintaining the unmatched sportiness which has made it a global icon since 1910.



      The new look is highlighted by an engine cover whose color scheme has been completely redesigned. Its usual red has been replaced by a bold green, which is, together with the Blu Misano, the launch color of the Alfa Romeo Tonale and recalls the famous Montreal Green paint job.



      The green engine cover is marked by a diagonal line which gives the vehicle body a more dynamic look. This is where one can find the words Alfa Romeo—a callback to the start of the 20th century when they debuted on the vehicle’s race cars—and, just below, the word Tonale, the model which is taking Alfa Romeo into the future.



      A white line descends from the top of the engine cover and moves towards the unmistakable “signature lighting” of the Alfa Romeo Tonale’s front headlights, which are a modern reinterpretation of the “3+3” concept on iconic models like the SZ Zagato or the Proteo concept. The same design creates a striking pattern on the entire green area and, above, the legendary “Quadrifoglio” symbol stands out on the diagonal intersection between the green and white.

      Thus, green becomes a complementary color to the base colors of white and red on the official livery of the C42. This spectacular three-colored vehicle will be shown off by the drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu on the Baku street circuit, the location of the eighth F1 World Championship race. The color scheme is an authentic tribute to the Italian design of Alfa Romeo, which lights up the hearts of its passionate fans all over the world. Indeed, passion has always been a core value for Alfa Romeo throughout its history. One just needs to be reminded that it was the first car manufacturer to become the Formula 1 world champion.



      The livery of the Alfa Romeo Team ORLEN F1 car also underscores the important link between Alfa Romeo and Sauber. This intense collaboration is aimed at getting the most out of Formula 1 knowhow and developing new strategic assets. After all, F1 is an exceptional laboratory for change that has made advances in hybrid technology, the management of big data, artificial intelligence, and the development of the latest software. All of these are strategic areas for a brand like Alfa Romeo, which has made technological excellence and premium quality its main priorities. And the Tonale is no exception, as it takes its five cornerstones of design to their highest levels: unmistakable Italian design, record-setting technology and connectivity, next-generation electrification, unmatched driving dynamics and a focus on the driver. 



      Alfa Romeo has chosen an innovative and immediately accessible way to reveal the three-colored livery celebrating the Alfa Romeo Tonale’s commercial debut: JigSpace, the world’s first open, user-generated platform with App Clips and webAR. This advanced software is able to put an interactive 3D version of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN's C42 into the hands of fans throughout the globe. By simply following a QR code link, JigSpace will allow the Alfa Romeo Tribe to get up close to the F1 operation and enjoy the potential of the metaverse through an immersive 3D experience.
      Through the QR code or link, you can discover the new C42 livery with an immersive 3D experience.